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I have both seen and engage in several discussions as to the increase of churches around us with no result considering the state of the nation. Some folks are even against church been everywhere. I don’t think it is a bad thing for churches to be everywhere. In fact we have not got enough churches as we ought. We saw in the bible where Paul sent greetings from the several churches including the church in the house of Priscilla. They had churches everywhere.
The challenge is not church proliferation but the quality of activities that are done in so many of those churches. There should be proper discipleship. Many are just in the biz of gathering people but wasting quality talents. Everyone has one or two things inherent in them, for example singing, organizing and so o, just name it. But whatever, these talents needs to be harness. Many of this people don’t even know what they need proper discipleship. We need leaders, mentors and masters to help the needy. 
Mattew 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,
It is because there is no strong discipleship activity in most of the churches today that is why we have shallow believers and even shallow gospel music artist. If we have proper discipleship, we will have a better environment. 
Talents are harness under strong tutelage. This I will throw to all whatever we are engage in, it is important for everyone to be taking by the hand at one point or the other. If this is not in place