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How Nigeria Gospel artist, Frank Edward missed Dana airline Crash

In this post I am in betwixt two which has contributed to the reason why I have not been posting frequently as I ought on this blog for some times now. My apology!
I have since been hearing a lot of pathetic stories from different backgrounds that ends at the Dana plane crash.The Dana airline plane crash case was worth what could held me. And I want to use this opportunity to share my heartfelt condolence to Nigeria at large and to the family of the bereaved. Trusting that we shall see those that sleep at the appearing of our Lord some day. 
I also heard stories of how some missed the flight because of shoes, name being miss-spelt and so on. 
For example is Frank Edward (Nkulu Nkulu bro) who was at RCCG in Abuja to minster
was suppose to join the flight but was led to stay back by the Spirit, below is a capture from his twitter page expressing how life is beautiful by being led by the Holy Spirit.

And many others like that...
Again, I share my sympathetic word to those who lost their relatives and friends at the Dana crash, may the peace of God comfort their heart.