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The woman is beautiful. The beauty here goes beyond her physical appearance. Of course the physical appearance is included but her real beauty transcends beyond that; this beauty is the content of her person. Her beauty is the reason she was created.
She was created to multiply.  Man could not multiply what God gave him by himself. God gave the woman. She is an image of multiplication. She is the epitome and reflection of God’s dynasty. Her design is special. Only the maker can tell what she is. She is the embodiment of God’s beauty. But the woman has not been treated as such.
The community calls her a weakling; they say she does suppose to be last in all things. The environment has masked her as a product of abuse. When there is a regret of abuse, she bears it. They think she is an object of sex. They tell you I love you and you melt in their hands because you didn’t know there is a ‘you’ behind the veil. They think she can be bought. They don’t know you are beautiful because the only thing they can see is the mask. Even when most men say she is beautiful, what they mean is different. They mean sex. In fact she has accepted the mask the environment has casted upon her. She carries a mask. What She carries about all the time is pretence to everyone.
The community and friends might have given you a definition. They might have masked you due to the experience that happened. You even wish that thing didn’t happen. You look at the veil (mask), all you see is limitation. You look at her out of pity. What about her countenance behind the veil. What about the beautiful lady behind the mask. No matter the gravity of the experience that happened. That was not the true woman. The true woman is behind the mask.
Nobody can tell you they love you if they don’t know your creator. They will just use you and keep masking you with regret.

Take off the mask. Rise up. You are more than what happened. God treasures you so much. I know you want to tell me how it was not your fault. The blood of Jesus is still precious across time. The veil was not placed there by God. It was casted on you by men. Only Jesus has seen you through the veil. He sees a warrior, an evangelist; he sees a colossus the world is waiting to celebrate. He sees an icon who will impart lives. He sees a mother; her destined husband will come to love and her children will come to celebrate.
God deals with the woman behind the veil. Be desperate to be a lover of God. Who are you when there is no sex, guy, friends and parent? Be plain and real. Don’t fall back on the mask. Don’t let the incident define you.
Pour out yourself to your maker, who is your true lover. When you don’t get to the place where you respect who you are, where you respect the love of God, your life will still hang around those mistakes and those mistake are not you. Have you met with the power of His resurrection flowing from His suffering? This is the only power that can bring you out of your emotional regrets. Stop regretting. It was not your fault. You were cheated. Don’t be left out. Let the spirit of God prevail. Receives God’s love in to your life.