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How to become popular on YouTube as a singer and with your talent

Everyone has some talents will desire to marketed.  Either you are a singer or a standup comedian. You can make use of YouTube as an avenue to reach out to many. The global world is getting smaller through the internet. Whatever talents you have, either you are an artist managing yourself or you are been managed, you need the YouTube. Nobody will arrest you for making your own videos and uploading them on YouTube, as long as you don’t violate the YouTube rules and regulations. 

YouTube is a video-sharing website, on which users can upload, view and share videos. Presently, YouTube is operated as a subsidiary of Google.  In fact YouTube appreciate you to upload videos made by you more than copyright video, which is why it is YOU TUBE cause ‘it is you that is tubing’. Lol
To make yourself popular on YouTube, you will need a YouTube account but you may use your Gmail account if already have one. You will also need a computer or laptop. You may use your mobile device like your Android or iOS device if you can make video with it. You will also need an internet connection. Very important is a camera or a camera phone to use to cover your presentations. The most interesting thing here is that you can cover you presentation in your room or in your studio or anywhere that the video visual will be clear. 
To get started with uploading your video on YouTube in the bid to make yourself popular, you will have to create your own branded channel. Make your YouTube page is attractive enough by doing a little change to your channel’s page color. The tools are available on the YouTube website.
Now concerning the video you want to upload. Try to make it simple enough. If you will be singing and flaunting any skill, make a simple straight-to-the-point introduction of yourself. If you have a video editor, you may cut the unnecessary part of the video but I advice to just go straight to the point. Just make sure your video looks professional. Make sure your video is such that can go viral. That is anybody will want to share it on a blog or social network.

You will need to keep uploading to make your name registered in the mind of people. Make sure you give an ending note or an outro of what you plan to do or upload in your next video. This will keep your viewer and fan coming. Don’t forget you need to keep uploading and uploading. You cannot make yourself popular on YouTube with just one to ten or even twenty videos. Make fun out of this and keep uploading. It does not have to be a 2 hour video. Although, YouTube gives you like 3 minute to start with and as you keep uploading, they keep increasing your video duration. You can upload as much as 1000 videos and above.
Tell people about your YouTube channel by sharing your video on social networks like facebook, twitter etc. also make sure you subscribe and comment on other channels of the same niche (the same area of interest).

Consistency is one of the ingredients to success. If you adhere to the tips above, soon, you'll be on your way to becoming a YouTube star.
Hope this is helpful? I will like to hear your response on this. You can also share this post of you think someone else will need it.