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Concert Planning Tips

Musical concert is common around us everyday both local and international. Many individuals, churches and music groups organize concert seasonally. Many even stage their concerts monthly while some of the aforementioned groups stage their concerts yearly. 
Many Christian musicians also organize what is called album concert. This type is such that majority of the songs that will be sung will be from a personal album. Many of the Christian concerts are aimed at reaching out to the lost, mending of the broken heart, healing and the likes.
Tips for staging a concert:
Staging a Christian concert requires different aspect to be considered:.
1.          The choice of songs
The songs to be sung in concerts must be dependent on the theme/title of the concert. It is good to have songs that will aim at the title of such concert. Depending on the skill strength of such choir, any song is possible and if some difficult to rehearsed, there are tips for being a better singer which can be followed but by individuals which i dont think might be for immediate effect.
2.          Technical skill in the singing:
We should know that God is not anti skill so it is important to rehearse properly any song whether it is a copyright song or a composed one. The dynamics should be rehearsed the way it was done in the original to bring the beauty of such song out except otherwise.
3.          The spiritual atmosphere of the concert:
Running a program without God can be successful, that is, God factor is not really a factor to determine the success of a concert. For example we have seen many secular concerts planned and being successful. The God factor brings fulfillment that is eternal in measure. So if it is a Christian concert and the atmosphere is not conducive for the flow of the Spirit
4.          The sound and lighting:
A good acoustic engineer should handle such. There are many organizations like concertstaginginc  have extensive inventory of professional staging systems which can accommodate any size event or technical rider. Many of these organizations are committed to your helping you put on a top quality show with staging that also includes packaging sound and lighting systems. The technical unit should be delegated with such.

Not limited to these four, there are other aspect like the costume, welfare of the vocalist, the Background vocalist, the instrumentalist and other involved personnel.

If you have planned or co-planned a concert before, you can as well share any concert tips you feel may not be included.