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You hear it at the salon, you hear it on the radio, if you are in some metropolis like my neighborhood, you will hear it in the taxi, you flip to browse the internet, and here they go. Profane secular music everywhere. You have to hear because you don’t go out with your ears blocked, or else you might end up in a crash which could have been avoided if you had heard…lol.

You will find that you happen to know everyone of the songs though you didn’t deliberately buy or get the Cds.
They call it BOMBARDMENT. In case you don’t know, bombardment is an act of hitting somebody repeatedly. It does not have to make sense as long as it is hitting you often. They bombard you with their hooks.
As faith comes by hearing, so fear also comes by the same. They force songs down your throat by making you here it everywhere. This strategy is now been adopted by some of the gospel artist around which is a good one. There is this guy in Nigeria who agreeably sings nonsense and he also said that himself.

Among many ways a man receives information are through the ear and mind. These two connect well and they collaborate to build up a stronghold on someone’s mind depending on what information is being transmitted through them. This stronghold drives such life.
Since you will still walk down the road every day, listen to local radio stations, take yourself to the saloon, do some other things and yet hear these songs, we need to have a way we strengthen our guide. For our progressive good life, I will give my little token of advice. Spend more time listening to song that can edify you, get good gospel song. They will serve peace and strength to your heart.