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Is it true that there are born singers? Every good singer you have ever seen is a product of influence. Influence in this case is the discipline they have allowed to affect themselves .
Five tips that will help you be a better singer:

Be inspired:
Locate an artist with your voice range that inspires you. You need good singers that can provoke you. Look around you, there are a lot of people that can inspire you. It could be a singer you know in you church or even for a foreign singer that the CDs are readily available. Even in the midst of it, don’t settle for the less. Be provoked.
As for me I started with Marvin Sapp though now I have variety of other good singers I rehearse with but I tell you I still come back to Marvin over and over. The first time I heard marvin sang, I simply said I could do that. Be provoked.

There are some things you have to refrain from. Refrain from fibrous, oily foods and cold drinks that can affect you vocal cord.  And even if you must take some of this food, it has to be with caution and drinking enough water (a little warm is okay). This is to avoid fibers and oily food substance from depositing on the voice cord.

Be a good and patient listener. If you are hearing a song for the first time, It is good to listen to it over and over again. Don’t be proud, take your time and listen. In fact, I recommend listen to a song for at least ten times before even try to sing along. As you listen you may browse through the lyrics of the songs.

Personal Rehearsals:
Practice singing every line of the song you have been listening to. Sing every line the way the singer sang it. Try not to add your own or even remove. Do it the way the person did it. Copy and rehearse any attitude find in the song. You might need to lock yourself in a place that can absorb you noise or go into the wood/bush like I did.
To boost the singing ability, I will advice you should join a choir. This is not necessarily compulsory as not everybody will be a chorister.

Find a Coach:
Identify a coach. Some may say this is optional but it is better. It makes your learning faster. Find someone that can take you by the hand. I recommend the singer who you find to inspire you, if such is accessible.
Lastly, don’t ever give up. Consistency, persistency and being insistent are keys to any success.
Hope this help?