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Simple trick to make your written song marketable

To make your song marketable, there are simple techniques that you just need to do.  Imagine, you have gone through the effort of rehearsing and have been groomed. You have songs to sing, yet no one is buying your songs. Imagine no one is downloading the song also and no one cares to listen. Before I mention the simple trick you need to make your song marketable, I need to point out that when a song is great, it can become viral. Everyone wants to tell others.

If you are an independent artist, you want your songs to be hitting on all levels to give yourself the best chance for success. You want to have great lyrics, instrumentation and all of the other things that go into making a great track.
Make your song of great melody
Melody is king. Arguably, writing simple songs with few words can make your song marketable. Melodious songs are songs that can be remembered that is memorable and can also be sung. As a result, they're usually fairly simple. Generally human minds like simple things. In terms of music and melody writing, simple songs are easily remembered and if there are a lot of repetitions, you have got the eureka. A friend called it hook. One of the ways we overcomplicate our melodies is by writing lyrics that are too wordy. Wordy lyrics can get in the way of your melody and overcomplicate it enough so that it's barely even melodic anymore. Most of the approach used in most songs that are hitting is that they don’t focus on the lyrics as much as the melody. Think about it. What if you could use simple one-syllable sounds instead of words? Then your wordy lyric problem would go away, and you'd find yourself focusing ONLY on a melody. Plus if your words are just simple sounds, your melodies become simple too, because simple melodies plus simple words/sounds would go hand in hand.
But as always, experiment with it and have fun.