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Fred Hammond and United Tenor with newest CD "Here In Our Praise"

united tenor

Can you imagine this. Tenor united to be called united tenors and behold it was good. 
Years back, Fred Hammond introduced a contemporary male group to Gospel music in the '80s when he formed the seminal ensemble Commissioned.  The truth is The Commisioned changed the look and the sound of the genre forever.

Recently, it fell onto Fred's heart to once again assemble a group of men to sing praises to God.  He called vocal powerhouses Dave Hollister, Eric Roberson and Bryan Courtney Wilson and formed the UNITED TENORS, which he describes as "men worshiping, inviting and gathering other men to come and worship." Hammond says that UT will be another instrument used by God to lead families and communities to have a fresh experience with the Lord. 
The first single from the upcoming CD is "Here In Our Praise," a beautiful ballad that finds the men united in voice and heart to exalt the name of the Lord.  "Here In Our Praise" was just serviced to radio, and will be available on iTunes and also as a ringtone on February 19. 
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