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Scream singing tips

There are a lot of skills that can make our music performing look wonderful. Scream singing is one of these abilities.  Scream singing is a music technique that is most popular in some sub genres of heavy metal, black gospels and in some style of punk rock. While intensity, pitch, and characteristics vary from vocalist to vocalist, screamed vocals generally accompany heavy music, and are associated with more aggressive musical themes or styles.

Scream singing is hard to do if you are just starting to learn scream singing, but don’t worry; your vocal cords aren't used to the new sound as long as you have the singing attitude. After continuous practice and having someone teach you, it will become easier, and you will learn things about your voice you never knew.

Below are scream singing tips that you can take to follow: 
  • The best way to scream sing to songs is to convert it up as loud as you can. This will help you understand how controls your voice as you scream sing. So if you can only just listen to yourself over the songs, you should try to be as loud as you can. To begin with, as your skill increases try to reduce your volume down but keep it the same or a little bit higher than your regular singing speech but keep the same pitch/tone as before.
  • What you drink or eat can have an effect on how you scream sing, some people scream sing better after drinking certain drinks or after taking a supplement. The temperature of what you eat or drink matters most on how you scream sing. Avoid cold foods and drinks.
  • Room temperature tea with honey is great for a smooth scream. It helps coat your throat (But don't take it with sugar, sugar will damage your vocal cords). Anything that will coat your throat helps. Try to avoid milk, as it can make you cough as well.
  • If you scream without music, you'll sound awkward.  The music covers up these tiny flaws that arise from your separate voice, but your ultimate goal is to fix them yourself.
  • Scream singing in your car while driving takes away your attention from the road and causes crashes, just don't pass out.
  • When practicing scream singing, cup your hand and place it against your ear and mouth. This carries the sound of your scream directly to your ear so you can hear it better. This is the closest thing to hearing what you'll sound like through a microphone.
  • When scream singing, try screaming a short phrase or even, "1, 2, 3, 4". When you start, speak or sing the first number, and scream the rest. Repeat the phrase and scream the first number, but sing the second and scream the rest. Repeat this until your voice is more used to alternating and you don't strain or change keys when you switch.
  • Do not inhale when you scream sing. Inhale screaming is unhealthy and can damage your vocal cords, impairing your singing and maybe even speech ability.
  • Last and not the least tip in scream singing, practice makes perfect. 
Hope this helped? like to know your view about this.