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Fred Hammond "I Feel Good": A 'Phenomenon' On The Gospel Chart

Gospel singer Fred Hammond has cranked out a chart-topping single. (Courtesy of the artist)

I remember when a friend and brother to be precise Mikel Word said "Fred Hammond plays the mind".
Here is Danyel smith, former editor of Billboard magazine, to NPR's Renee Montagne saying “Fred Hammond is a phenomenon,". I agree totally.
The singer and bassist's "I Feel Good" has stuck around on Billboard's Gospel Songs chart for more than 30 weeks.
I beg read this if you won’t read anything:
"Fred Hammond makes modern, urban-contemporary gospel music, and he has hit a nail on the head," Smith says. "In the gospel industry right now, there is a concerted effort to not lose young people — to create music that speaks to them and enables them to maybe nod their head to the beat as much as they're clapping their hands and raising their hands to the Lord."
She says that the secret to Hammond's success is his music's immediacy.
"It's very invitational, this record — it sounds familiar to me," says Smith. "It sounds like, 'Hey, just because we're talking about faith, it doesn't mean we all have to start speaking in some other language that we don't speak in every day to each other.' " Read more>>>