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Last Friday, May 4th marked the opening of the much anticipated movie “A Beautiful Soul” starring Deitrick Haddon, Harry Lennix, Robert Ri’chard and Lesley Ann Brandt in a Jeff Byrd film.
Deitrick Haddon and Allison Elizabeth’s script gave Haddon full range of his dramatic and musical gifts, while laying the foundation for his character’s underlying call to minister.
Jeff Byrd said: "It encompasses all those different things and to all those different people.  Anybody can see this.  It’s a film that’s open to the masses"
A full range of producer’s credits include Felicia Henderson, Holly Carter and Dominique Telson, but Bryant T. Scott of Tyscot Records is the cornerstone of this great venture.
Bryant T. Scott said: “About four years ago Detrick came to me and said, instead of giving me money to do a music video, he said how about giving me money to make a movie and so we did.   We came out with Blessed and Cursed and it went straight to DVD as well as Showtime, The Gospel Movie Channel and Net Flix.  We were like, ‘Wow this movie thing is good!’  This is our second movie with him and then we were excited to find out that AMC Theaters were interested in it.”
 “A Beautiful Soul” has opened on twenty screens in ten markets: Los Angeles, Burbank, Detroit, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Indianapolis, Dallas and Philadelphia.- SOURCE
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You can download the sound track is available at Amazon