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Kenny K’ore: Artist of the day

Kenny K’ore, (Kehinde Olumide Akinbode) a former member of the multiple award winning gospel band ‘INFINITY’ is a gifted and versatile singer/songwriter. With songs like Infinity’s “Olorioko” and “Aye Ole “e.t.c to his credit, he is a musician who has a rare and unique kind of creativity and artistry. No wonder he retains the motto that brought him to international recognition, “Bridging the Extremities between Art and Spirit”.

Undoubtedly, one of the pioneering gospel artistes who have continued to lend credence to the commercial evolution of gospel music in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, fusing Afro and western influences in his music. His affinity for alternative rock music, ‘afro centric vocalisms’ and strong use of the Yoruba language garnishes his sound.
Kenny K’ore believes that gospel artistes are strong tools of evangelism and that gospel music is at the forefront of kingdom expansion. He is gaining recognition quickly as the voice canvassing the need for all people to have God’s interest at heart and be actively involved in activities that promote gospel music worldwide. A notion he often stresses is that the church needs to extend her dominance, influence and impact of light, beyond the physical walls that hinder it.

He believes that gospel music in Nigeria and in the world in general, should be a genre that thrives in the mainstream sphere. This desired change will happen when the gospel takes pre-eminence in the heartbeat of young people through music and this is a group his music reaches out to mostly.

He has done several shows and won many awards with the Infinity group. He is now exploring wider creative possibilities as a solo artiste. K’ore is a man of great passion who loves God, one who holds honesty as far more expedient than pomp intellectualism; a modest, friendly and approachable man who views the world not from face value but from a deep and Godly perspective with respect for humanity.

He has collaborated with and supported many other upcoming artistes. He aspires to make history as a man who served God’s purpose in his time as an accomplished musician of legendary repute who will also leave behind a musical legacy.

The multi talented gospel sensational singer Kenny K'Ore hosted his debut concert last march.